Race Day Rations

20151011_115706Nothing much better to do than sit around watching the Bathurst 1000 motor race on TV but still need to refuel ourselves. Last night I made a duck curry and had left overs so I used the duck breast to make duck samosa, spring roll and duck wontons. Ten minutes prep 5 mins to cook and a couple of minutes for a chilli and blood orange dipping sauce, barely missed a pit stop.20151011_114207


Asian Monday

20150810_18444120150810_18440120150810_184345Had to go up town today so took the opportunity to have Japanese for lunch and then when I asked she who must be obeyed what she wanted for dinner she wanted Wontons. So it turned into an all Asian affair for Mondays meals…fine by me! I used some left over roast pork and carrot laced with fresh ginger chilli and a little soy for the filling and used shop bought skins as they are so easy and quick.

Wonton, Twoton, Threeton, More

20131226_19250820131226_18533320131226_18534120131226_192524Talk about sneaky obsessions. I love Wontons. I love all types, crispy fried like these and steamed dumpling style or in Wonton Soup and even Japanese Gyoza, although there is some flavour in gyoza that I’m not mad for. I make them at home a fair bit and they are very satisfying to produce, fold and cook. I have to admit I use shop bought wonton wrappers, because they are just too easy. You can fill them with nearly anything that takes your fancy but I tend to use pork, prawn or crab meat. Mix it with some fresh cabbage finely shredded and chopped and any other veg you like. You want very fine dice or shred and I also have fresh chilli and ginger in the mix. Soy sauce and fish sauce, lime juice, salt and pepper to season the mix and your ready to roll.