20150928_18364720150928_183707This was a last minute decision for dinner. I had the tuna in the fridge and some nice fresh snowpeas. A quick sear of the tuna and toss some noodles and snowpeas through an oyster sauce and top with the tuna and a nice little mandarin ginger sauce for the fish.


Risoni the Italian Rice

This made for a really nice light lunch. It is cooked Risoni Salad with Chilli Mayo Tuna. It took maybe 20 minutes to make and then another 20 to cool in the fridge. The Tuna is just out of a can and has a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce and a couple of tablespoons of kewpie mayo mixed through. I finely sliced some zuchinni, carrot and asparagus and tossed it through the warm pasta with a couple of spoons full of canned peas and corn. To keep the salad light I dressed it with some sushi rice seasoning. Quick, easy, cheap gotta love that.