Eggs Benedict-Ish

20140601_122658I woke up today with the thought of Eggs Benedict. Of course we had none of the ingredients to make it. And to top it off the annual Marina Marathon and fun run was on and it was near impossible to leave the marina berths let alone get out on the only road into the marina. Not to be thwarted in the food battle I made eggs Benedict-Ish. I used multigrain bread for the toasted muffin, sliced avocado for the spinach, canned kippered herring for the ham, genuine fresh poached egg and a packet of Maggi instant Hollandaise sauce. After that I thought seared portobello mushroom and yellow tomato couldn’t hurt either. Breakfast of champions!

Get some Pork on Your Fork

20140213_19140120140213_192913Mid week cooking can be a drag when we are working big hours (50+) but we have to keep the fuel coming. A roast on Wednesday might seem like a lot of effort but using my bowl convection oven makes it easy. Everything on the plate was cooked in it apart from the broccoli and tomatoes that were pan seared. With a little timing the veges can go in with the pork and all cook at once then it was just a matter of cooking the tomato and broc in a separate pan. The Pepper gravy was cooked in the same pan so very few dishes either. Succulent roast pork with crispy crackling and veg all in about an hour go to whoa.

Beef Olives 2

june2013_36  Here is another of those foods I grew up with coming from a 7 kid family. Budget being the main decider when shopping mum would make the  most of the shopping money by buying cheaper cuts of meat (usually the tastier parts) and treating them right to make great meals. Veiner Schnitzel was relatively cheap and fed many so Beef Olives were a regular feature on the home menu. These  ones were made with the leftover beef from a Topside Roast the day before. I Sliced it thin and beat it out a little and filled it with fresh cherry tomato, colby cheese, basil and S&P. Roll it up, skewer with tooth pics and lightly pan fry. I had it with mushy peas, mashed potato and honeyed carrot. june2013_34june2013_38