Duck Curry w/ Coconut Rice

20151010_185056I got some duck breasts with the shopping and had a freshly made curry paste so decided to have  a duck curry. Despite having made an Indian paste, I made it a Thai style curry with the addition of more fresh ginger, lemon grass and lime juice. The duck was excellent.

Bachelor Chow

20150917_202248Paula was out for the night so I decided…MAN FOOD! I had some cooked rice in the fridge and some veges so i went for a Thai spiced fried rice. All the usual Thai ingredients and a couple of fried eggs stirred through and topped with a soft fried egg. The veges were…red, orange, green, purply-white, two tone brown and white, the eggs were ovoid and not laid in a cage.20150917_202320

Lemongrass Fish Soup Starter

20150906_190138We had friends aboard for dinner the other night and I did a two course Asian meal. We had a nice prawn and fish curry for mains but the dish of the night was the Thai Lemongrass Fish soup that I made for a starter. I have a bit of an addiction to lemongrass lately can’t get enough. To the point I am now growing my own on the boat, along with three types of chilli. I made a stock by roasting the prawn shells to make a base for the soup. Lots of lemongrass some ginger and garlic, chilli, fish sauce, soy, limejuice and zest, water and S&P. Then I steamed some beautiful Red Throat Emperor and ladled over the mildly spicy lemongrass soup. Top with some freshly fried shallots and a few chilli rings and you are done.20150906_154141

The infused stock made from the roasted prawn shells

The infused stock made from the roasted prawn shells

the stock ingredients after straining

the stock ingredients after straining

Thom Kha Gai for Nara

20150808_185510After an overseas trip it was good to get home and have some home cooked Thai. We invited the tasty Nara over to show her how to cook some Thai and eat with us. I made Thom Kha Gai, Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. I made it quite mild as I wasn’t sure how hot Nara likes it, but had heaps of fresh sliced chilli to add to mine. I was a little disappointed with the canned coconut milk it was a bit prone to separating. All and all it was not too bad and helped with my Thai cravings.

I See Red, I See Red, I See Red

20131204_194230Just another Thai style curry. I guess its a red curry or perhaps a jungle curry depending on what you are used to. The red colour comes entirely from the chilli in the dish so beware! It is coconut milk base so that takes some heat out but it is intended to be a hot dish. You can adjust the heat to suit your tastes but remember the chilli is meant to be the star here, I use 3 red chilli’s chopped seeds and all and if the heats not there I go to my favourite, birdseye chilli to bring it up to scratch.20131204_194140 Oh, The meat is beef.