My Favourite Chippy

20140725_130537While there are no fish in this order, this meal comes from the best fish and chip shop in town. We live on the coast at the marina and there is a fish and chip shop here that advertises that they are pretty good but I think they are a bit average. Our F&C shop is all the way over on the otherside of town at Mt Pleasant…from the ocean to the mountains we trek. Well it’s probably less than 10klms away but well worth the drive. It is called Siv’s Fish and Chips ( see them on facebook) and they have the best chips anywhere. I don’t get fish very often, not because there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just I really like their fish cakes and despite knowing that they are commercially made crumbed sausages that I see all over the place I just can’t help myself I like them. Paula always gets the “Rays” Kabana, kabana sliced thin before cooking so it comes out like crispy meat chips. I have had the battered fish here and enjoyed it but being a Masterbatterer… who cooks a lot of fish and makes the second best batter known to man (bows low to Mr Foo Man Choo, from Main nth road) I am hard to excite when it comes to batter. I would go here just for the chips. They are like Dr Who’s Tardis, they are bigger on the inside. By that I mean they are thinnish and crispy but light and fluffy inside. I would keep my supplier to myself (after they tell me) if I was them. Another factor that brings us back at least once and often more times a week is the cleanliness and quick friendly service. I may even have to break my ‘One item from one menu habit’ and try their burgers. I have seen the battered fish burger and what I reckon was the works burger and they looked pretty damn fine. Nice work guys.


20140531_193920I couldn’t let my 200th post slip by unnoticed but I couldn’t decide what to do. I was thinking of picking a nationality and doing a feast or perhaps a certain protein like a seafood feast but just couldn’t make up my mind. Then I had occasion to have KFC for a meal and was blown away by how bad it has become. So I decided to do my own KFQ feast.KF Q?. Q for Quail. I decided to replicate a typical chicken takeaway but with whole ingredients.  Now I have pretty much got the seasoning covered and the hardest part to copy was the instant mash they use. I used Golden Cream potatoes and just boiled them and then ended up passing through a fine sieve for that perfect instant potato texture. The quails were semi boned so I just split them lengthways and dipped in egg white and seasoning mix then flash fried in sunflower oil. I used a nice little drumhead cabbage to make the coleslaw and more golden cream for the chips. The quail was super sweet and with the spicy seasoning this is definitely going to be on the menu again. KFC wish they could do it this fingerlicking! Paula helped celebrate the 200th post by making these excellent profiteroles for dessert. They were filled with vanilla cream custard and topped with dark chocolate and caramelised sugar.


the de-boned and split quail

The de-boned and split quail


Worlds smallest drumstick

Worlds smallest drumstick


Paulas 1st ever profiteroles with chocolate and caramel praline

Paulas 1st ever profiteroles with chocolate and caramel praline



Takeaway need not be Taboo

20140313_180818Not being a big fan of most types of takeaway but still having the issue of being time poor with work and the like I try to find better options than sad and unhealthy takeaway. When we house sat in another part of town recently and were pressed for time one night we decided to get takeaway. We went to a fairly large shopping complex that had a supermarket and about six fast food options. After a quick walk around of the outlets we soon found them all lacking in either choice, quality or basic hygiene in one of them. After a small dummy spit about the state of the world and its takeaway choices I opted to go to the supermarket and get something from there. Easy, I got a cooked chicken from the deli and a prepared salad from the produce section and a nice ripe mango too. Chop the mango, add to salad and carve the chook. Prep time 15minutes including the buying and far better than many takeaway options.

Off Ya Noodle

This Noodle Tower is one of the few takeaways we get. If we do get take away meals its generally Noodles from Hot Wok, Pizza from the Lighthouse or Pizza Capers or Japanese from Ichi Maki. I finally convinced Paula that Mc donalds and the like is rubbish. Pretty hard to go wrong with any Asian cuisine and a good pizza is always a hit. Paula was very impressed when we were in Manly, when we bought the boat and she went to order a pizza and found a real Italian (singing) and tossing his pizza bases fresh as the orders came in, we became regulars there. Manly was where she had her very first Japanese banquet too. It blew her mind, 12 courses, the food just kept on coming. Here I have the Combination Seafood Supreme Noodle and Paula probably has her favourite Crispy Chicken and Honey Sesame Sauce Noodle. Actually she has Combo Meat Noodles oh and their spring rolls are good too.