Salt N Pepper Squid w/ fresh made Slaw

20151016_19080820151016_190940We were deciding what to have for dinner and Paula wanted to go out and I was for staying in and cooking. It was settled when we remembered the fresh squid sitting in the fridge. I knocked up a fresh coleslaw to go with and chilled it while  I prepped and cooked the squid. The three Squid tubes made far more than expected, I tried to give the leftovers to my favourite neighbour, Meeka the dog (see pic) but she was not home.

Meeka the dog

Meeka the dog


Quick Calamari

mar2013_53Last minute Saturday night dinner…? Not sure what the distraction was but the other weekend it was getting late on Saturday night when we finally got around to thinking about dinner. I went to the fridge only to find I had no fresh anything. Most things in the freezer would take forever to defrost and neither of us felt like going out for takeaway. Then I found a small white package in the freezer. It turned out to be squid tubes. They defrost quickly in cold water and then just a quick wash, pineapple score the inside then into milk for 45 mins to tenderise. Cut into bite size pieces before quickly searing them at high temp until they curl and cook, about 1 1/2 – 2 mins, pour over a pre-reduced sauce and viola, seared calamari. I made a sweet chilli and lime sauce to go over it and served it on jasmine rice.mar2013_51

The salsa is avocado, fresh pineapple and red cocktail onion dressed with apple cider vinegar and sushi dressing and S&P.

As Fresh As It Gets



I guess a lot of us like seafood but living on a boat we eat more than most. It amazes me how many people live on boats and don’t fish or utilise the resource under their feet. The pics here are just a small sample of what we eat and what is available. Most of it is gathered with little effort and often as a side effect of what we are doing. The mackeral steaks here were caught while sailing between islands and dragging a metal spoon lure behind the boat. The oysters are readily available off the rocks while beach combing or taking a stroll. Much of the seafood we buy has been snap frozen at least once since capture and its getting harder and harder to find fresh from the boat seafood, mores the pity. Being able to eat seafood caught only moments earlier is something pretty special.


Chilli Mud Crab & Crab and Avocado















Tropical Cray Fish & Squid













Black Lip Oysters off the rocks