Sunday Steak & Salad

20140629_185500 20140629_185927  Been here before…just a quick Greek Salad and A nice Skirt Steak. Easy Sunday night dinner.


Meat and Greek

may2013_98 Isn’t it strange how you forget about certain foods for ages and all of  sudden you see someone else eating or making it or see it on Tv. That’s what happened with this Greek Salad. I watched someone making one on Tv and had to have one. Woohoo it was grocery day, didn’t have to make one of those impulse driving and shopping trips into town. I used baby coz lettuce leaves, blanched green beans, Lebanese cucumber, red onion, tomato, olives and baby spinach leaves and some really fresh Greek feta cheese. Oddly enough I forgot to get dressing ingredients but more oddly I had an unopened bottle of Greek salad dressing on board. I got a nice Skirt Steak from the super market and had that in nice juicy pink strips. Half an hour or so go to whoa.

I like a Piece of Skirt

may2013_31 What happened to all the cuts of meat? Supermarkets these days just don’t care about us. They take away most of the items we used to buy and make us buy what they deem to be suitable and coincidently the shelves always seem to carry more and more of their in house brand. Even the local butcher doesn’t carry a lot of the cuts I grew up with, why I remember on the ark we had two of everyt…. Nah I’m not that old. But some of my favourite meat items are very hard to find. Growing up in New Zealand I lived on lamb and mutton and would kill for a good mutton ham. Another favourite of mine is Skirt Steak. It is so tasty and if cooked correctly, tender and juicy. The secret is to cook it fast and hard for just a few minutes each side and then allow to rest. Because of its dimensions it can even be cooked to suit everyone, it is thicker towards one end so cook the bulk to med rare and you’ll get a  nice medium on the thin end. The other must do is cut across the grain and serve delicious strips of tender juicy beef. The pics here show clearly the direction the grain goes. It is perfect for doing a warm beef salad.may2013_33      may2013_27