Sea Scallops And Black Pudding

20141103_180715Ok here is a first for me, eating Black Pudding. Or Blood Sausage as it is also known. I have known of it’s existence forever but never had the opportunity to try it and then found it at our produce shop. I know Scallops and Black pudding is quite common and liked throughout Europe so I decided that was the way to go. I cut the black pudding into thin rounds and then pan-fried until crispy, I served it on a potato roesti and topped it with pan-seared scallops and a citrus, ginger, soy drizzle sauce. I made a fresh garden salad to go with it all. The scallop and salty meat go well together and the black pudding was not too bad either. I would say best enjoyed in moderation as it is very rich.20141103_180645


Sea Scallop Papperdelle w/ Tomato and Goats Cheese

20140607_183729 20140607_183738I do love scallops but you can only eat so many of the golden caramelised little gems so this time I decided to have them in a creamy pasta.  I did actually pan sear them in a smoking hot pan just for 20 seconds a side to give them that delicious crisp. I made a creamy garlic reduction and added halved yellow grape tomato, shredded choy sum, Italian herbs, stock and right at the end the scallop and goats cheese.  


20140518_182821While shopping a certain someone with a Salmon addiction went to the seafood cabinet at the supermarket and came back with something even better…Ocean Trout! It is stronger flavoured and not quite as fatty as salmon and is a deeper pink when cooked. I had some scallops in the freezer so added them to the plate. The trout was pan-fried in a little avocado oil and butter and the scallops were brushed with avo oil then dipped in pastachio dukkah. Because of my dev-ocean to she who must be obeyed I made a version of orange and ginger sauce but spiced it up with some red chilli and fennel tops. Throw in a nice Asian salad and you have a perfect Sunday dinner. 20140518_182805

The Pig and The Bi-Valve Mollusk

20140504_192123While I don’t necessarily agree with reef and beef or surf and turf there is no denying pork and scallops go well together. Especially pork belly and scallops. I did this oven baked belly with pan seared scallops, garlic potato mash, carrot and broccoli and to complete the palette I made a red wine balsamic reduction. Perfect finish to a day of fishing on the beach in the autumn sunshine.20140504_192109