Techno Colour Salad

20151011_18495020151011_185234Just a quick fix for Sunday dinner. I had some pork loin chops so I just whipped up a Fennel and blood orange salad to go with. The salad was the best part, the pork was a bit average but the salad rocked.

Salad and Sweet Meats

20140702_184737 20140702_185014  This is one of those last minute what ever you have salads. Paula decided to make ‘Her’ Devils On Horseback so i thought I would make the salad to balance the sweet meaty dateyness of the DOHB. The DOHB are fresh dates stuffed with spiced pear paste and feta cheese and wrapped in our butchers award winning bacon (best in country). There are also pieces of banana wrapped in bacon. The salad is romain lettuce, tomato, feta, date, snowpea and yellow capsicum. The dressing is just avocado oil and balsamic vinegar.

A Manwich

may2013_40  When was the last time you had a club sandwich? While not a huge sandwich eater I can’t help myself when I see a club sandwich, this one was made the day Paula had to stop me from joining a wake at the pub (I didnt know the deceased or the mourners) when they came out with a platter of club sandwich’s. They just looked soooooooooo good. So I went home and made myself this Smoked Chicken and Salad Club emmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


1st Mate to Sous Chef

april2013_111 april2013_113april2013_101april2013_80We have the boat out of the water for a week to do an antifoul and maintenance and are working long days. Because I am doing a lot of the work Paula is taking up the slack in the kitchen. Now we have had Noodles from the Hot Wok twice but she has even cooked some stuff and even bought beautiful freshly cooked King Prawns and fresh bread instead of relying on takeaway. It was actually me that suggested takeaway for lunch today while we were up town getting some materials. The Butter Chicken and Mango Curry were just the thing for a hot sunny day in the tropics, and I think I may have an Onion Pakora addiction too.

Risoni the Italian Rice

This made for a really nice light lunch. It is cooked Risoni Salad with Chilli Mayo Tuna. It took maybe 20 minutes to make and then another 20 to cool in the fridge. The Tuna is just out of a can and has a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce and a couple of tablespoons of kewpie mayo mixed through. I finely sliced some zuchinni, carrot and asparagus and tossed it through the warm pasta with a couple of spoons full of canned peas and corn. To keep the salad light I dressed it with some sushi rice seasoning. Quick, easy, cheap gotta love that.