Takeaway need not be Taboo

20140313_180818Not being a big fan of most types of takeaway but still having the issue of being time poor with work and the like I try to find better options than sad and unhealthy takeaway. When we house sat in another part of town recently and were pressed for time one night we decided to get takeaway. We went to a fairly large shopping complex that had a supermarket and about six fast food options. After a quick walk around of the outlets we soon found them all lacking in either choice, quality or basic hygiene in one of them. After a small dummy spit about the state of the world and its takeaway choices I opted to go to the supermarket and get something from there. Easy, I got a cooked chicken from the deli and a prepared salad from the produce section and a nice ripe mango too. Chop the mango, add to salad and carve the chook. Prep time 15minutes including the buying and far better than many takeaway options.