Slow Braised Beef

20141215_18405420141215_184037 I bought some very nice looking Gravy Beef thinking I might make a casserole or similar. Then I decided to braise the steaks whole. I fried off some onion and garlic in a heavy pan and then chucked in the gravy beef. Sear until brown and then all the good things like stock, seasoning, red wine etc etc. Bring to the boil and then turn down the heat until you have a slow rolling simmer. Simmer for several hours until meat is fall apart tender and the stock has reduced to a sticky sauce. I served it with creamy mash potato and broadbeans.

Meat and Three

Steak & Chips

Another Meat and Three

Meat and Three Veg, how many times have we all cooked that. One good thing is there are a multitude of options to allow us all to put some variety into it. I find we are eating smaller portions of red meat lately so mixing it up with veg’s is a great way to keep it interesting. This dish is pretty much just Steak and Chips with veg, but if you are writing a menu it becomes Choice centre cut Grass Fed Rump Steak served on Garlic Cauliflower Puree, Hand cut Duck Fat Fried Chips w/ Moroccan Sweet Potato Mash & Glazed Baby Spinach and a Red Wine De-Glaze’. While that might be a bit long-winded It pays to be descriptive on menus, personally I like to be a bit more succinct but often the sound of a dish is what sells us. The next step is, we eat with our eyes first. Have fun making your meals look good, ultimately it is taste that seals the deal but a great looking plate goes a long way to making us enjoy the experience.