Double Dilema

20150813_17505720150813_174528We went to the fish market today to get some fresh fish. Paula went with her usual choice of Atlantic Salmon. I however just couldn’t decide between, Red Throat Emperor or a nice freshly cut Spanish Mackeral steaks…So I had both! I made a Smoked Paprika Rice cake with last nights leftover rice and seared it in butter and I also made a Candied Orange, Triple Cream Brie and Fennel salad to go with the pan seared fish. And topped it all of with my Orange and Ginger sauce.


R.T.E For Me

20150214_181206This is one of my favourite local fish. RTE or Red Throat Emperor are delicious eating and just plain mad to catch, they get huge and fight well above their weight. They like to hang around the deep drop offs, often on the inside of a coral reef and can be in plague proportions on the outer Great Barrier Reef. It is firm white flesh and particularly sweet hence the common name for them and their kind of “Sweetlip” or “Lippers”. A couple of minutes each side and your fillets are done. Served here with a garden salad and my Orange and Ginger sauce.

now this is an excellent example of a Red Throat Emperor

now this is an excellent example of a Red Throat Emperor.

Dicks Degustation

20140501_192643Paula has been telling and teasing our workmate Richard about my Orange and Ginger sauce with Salmon for so long now I thought I had better give him a little taste. We had it for tea tonight, well Paula had the Salmon I had one of my favourites, Red Throat Emperor. Paula would not give up too much of her salmon so he only gets a smidgen. I dressed it up with a ten second garnish so he doesn’t feel too bad.20140501_19263120140501_192609