6 Hour Pulled Pork

20150903_182334Now what? I bought a 4 1/4 boneless pork roast with the intention of making pulled pork. Well I did, but didn’t plan it well Paula’s gone out for the night and I didn’t cook anything else so I went with a warm pulled pork sandwich. We have friends sailing in from up north tomorrow so I will make a fresh coleslaw and maybe get some crusty rolls!

Pork and Tofu Curry

20150816_17452720150816_174547This is a Pork and Tofu curry. It was made with the best curry paste I have made in a long time. Not sure what made the paste so good other than I added a couple of new ingredients to the mix. It was my typical Vindaloo style paste with some extra cloves and star anise. It was damn fine what ever the reason.

Spicy pork and Cabbage rolls


10848707_1421163518177708_7323962431745186471_o20150222_18250420150222_17480320150222_17501720150222_182129Pork and Cabbage Rolls. This was a nice change for dinner the other night. I was going to make wontons but then went for this instead. Minced pork with all the good stuff like garlic, ginger, chilli, lemon grass, S&P. A little curry paste and lime juice. Roll in the steamed leaves then into the steamer. A quick pan sear and serve on rice with a nice oyster sauce…yum cha!

Pork on Pork

20141019_181140 20141019_182632 20141019_182650  I bought some nice fresh Pork Fillets at the butcher and then saw left over Prosciutto in the fridge. I cut the pork into small medallions and wrapped with the strips of prosciutto then pan seared them in a hot pan until golden and cooked through. Under cooking and allowing to rest produces the best result for tender juicy pork fillet. The salty prosciutto gave the pork another element of flavour and a nice crispy crunch. I made a scalloped Potato dish with white and sweet potato and some peas. I also made a Red Onion, Red Wine and Balsamic reduction for the pork.

All About the Veg

nov2013_2It’s well known by the posts in this blog that I do like the Pork flesh and probably don’t trust anyone that doesn’t. How ever this dish was all about the vege compote. It is beautifully fresh Asparagus and cherry tomatoes sauteed with a little butter and garlic and cubes of Haloumi cheese and of course some of my latest food obsession, chilli. I blanched the asparagus a little just to take the crunch down to a snap then pan seared lightly with the other ingredients and Yes that is the worlds best mashed potato with it also. Add the medium cooked pork loin chop and viola food for the gods.