Grand Final Sukiyaki

20151004_21480820151004_21444120151004_17214620151004_213850This was supposed to be half time dinner on grand final night, the game was so good it didn’t get cooked until after the game. I had prepped all the ingredients for Sukiyaki in the afternoon so it was just a matter of cooking it all up. First make the broth with things like garlic, ginger, lemongrass, chilli, oyster sauce, soy, palm sugar and chicken stock. Then arrange vegetables around the pan and lightly cook off, add things based on their thickness etc, tofu early, bean sprouts last. I used them, carrot, cabbage, asparagus, snowpeas, mushrooms and rice vermecilli noodles. Once veg is cooked portion into bowls and then add the thinly sliced (I used) eye fillet and it will cook in the broth when you ladle it over the veg, meat and noodles. I topped mine with a perfect poached in the veg stock egg. Ichi Ban soup


Pork Belly and Pineapple Soy Sauce

20140517_185456There is just something about pork and pineapple that works. I had half a fresh pineapple left and was cooking pork belly so I went with an Asian style dish. I pan fried slices of belly until golden and crispy then braised it off in a soy, katsu, ginger and pineapple sauce. Simmer the belly until the sauce reduces to a glaze and the pineapple softens. I served it with some fresh vegetable in mee goreng noodles and the obligatory fried egg

Noodle belly

nov2013_64nov2013_62Another roast Pork Belly. I think I’m managing to eat smaller and smaller portions of pork belly. The Noodles and veges make up for the indulgence of the pork. I tossed tofu and some veges into the soy noodles and the mushrooms are sauteed. I used the leftover belly to make pork and cabbage noodles for lunch the next day.┬áCan you eat too many noodles?

Off Ya Noodle

This Noodle Tower is one of the few takeaways we get. If we do get take away meals its generally Noodles from Hot Wok, Pizza from the Lighthouse or Pizza Capers or Japanese from Ichi Maki. I finally convinced Paula that Mc donalds and the like is rubbish. Pretty hard to go wrong with any Asian cuisine and a good pizza is always a hit. Paula was very impressed when we were in Manly, when we bought the boat and she went to order a pizza and found a real Italian (singing) and tossing his pizza bases fresh as the orders came in, we became regulars there. Manly was where she had her very first Japanese banquet too. It blew her mind, 12 courses, the food just kept on coming. Here I have the Combination Seafood Supreme Noodle and Paula probably has her favourite Crispy Chicken and Honey Sesame Sauce Noodle. Actually she has Combo Meat Noodles oh and their spring rolls are good too.