Of Greeks and Fishes

20151018_18214520151018_181619We were shopping and had already been to the fish market so I decided to get the bits for a Greek Salad. Paula had salmon (again) and I had red throat emperor. I made a garlic and thyme Beurre noisette or burnt butter sauce to top the fish. All very simple and tasty.


Meat and Greek

may2013_98 Isn’t it strange how you forget about certain foods for ages and all of  sudden you see someone else eating or making it or see it on Tv. That’s what happened with this Greek Salad. I watched someone making one on Tv and had to have one. Woohoo it was grocery day, didn’t have to make one of those impulse driving and shopping trips into town. I used baby coz lettuce leaves, blanched green beans, Lebanese cucumber, red onion, tomato, olives and baby spinach leaves and some really fresh Greek feta cheese. Oddly enough I forgot to get dressing ingredients but more oddly I had an unopened bottle of Greek salad dressing on board. I got a nice Skirt Steak from the super market and had that in nice juicy pink strips. Half an hour or so go to whoa.