Hot Curry, Cold Beer, Crusty Roll

20151015_19381420151015_193823With Paula out for the night at the gun range sighting in the laser sights on her new 50 cal. pistol it is time for the third sitting of the Thursday Dinner Club. This could be described as Lazy Asian Fusion. It is a chicken and mushroom curry made with an Indian style paste and I have thrown in Ramen noodles. It was a fiery curry but luckily enough all member (myself) like a hot one. Just to add to the mix I had a nice cold American beer and an excellent crusty  French roll.

Techno Colour Salad

20151011_18495020151011_185234Just a quick fix for Sunday dinner. I had some pork loin chops so I just whipped up a Fennel and blood orange salad to go with. The salad was the best part, the pork was a bit average but the salad rocked.

Pork and Tofu Curry

20150816_17452720150816_174547This is a Pork and Tofu curry. It was made with the best curry paste I have made in a long time. Not sure what made the paste so good other than I added a couple of new ingredients to the mix. It was my typical Vindaloo style paste with some extra cloves and star anise. It was damn fine what ever the reason.

Double Dilema

20150813_17505720150813_174528We went to the fish market today to get some fresh fish. Paula went with her usual choice of Atlantic Salmon. I however just couldn’t decide between, Red Throat Emperor or a nice freshly cut Spanish Mackeral steaks…So I had both! I made a Smoked Paprika Rice cake with last nights leftover rice and seared it in butter and I also made a Candied Orange, Triple Cream Brie and Fennel salad to go with the pan seared fish. And topped it all of with my Orange and Ginger sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken w/ Rice

20150619_185539Last minute decision for Friday dinner. I grabbed some chicken thighs from the freezer and put them in front of the aircon exhaust to defrost quickly ( no microwave on the boat ) and whip up a teriyaki marinade. I marinated the chicken when defrosted while I prepped the vege and rice. Then its just pan sear the chicken and then toss in your fresh veg. Finally add last of reserved marinade and cook off then thicken with corn flour. One Glossy Teriyaki Chicken on Rice.