Of Greeks and Fishes

20151018_18214520151018_181619We were shopping and had already been to the fish market so I decided to get the bits for a Greek Salad. Paula had salmon (again) and I had red throat emperor. I made a garlic and thyme Beurre noisette or burnt butter sauce to top the fish. All very simple and tasty.

Salt N Pepper Squid w/ fresh made Slaw

20151016_19080820151016_190940We were deciding what to have for dinner and Paula wanted to go out and I was for staying in and cooking. It was settled when we remembered the fresh squid sitting in the fridge. I knocked up a fresh coleslaw to go with and chilled it while  I prepped and cooked the squid. The three Squid tubes made far more than expected, I tried to give the leftovers to my favourite neighbour, Meeka the dog (see pic) but she was not home.

Meeka the dog

Meeka the dog

Porterhouse, Slaw and Chips

20151002_192640Walking past the butchers today I saw some nice little porterhouse steaks so I grabbed one. Paula went with a rib fillet despite the nice PH. My steak was excellent her rib fillet was rubbish. I made a nice fresh coleslaw with red and sugarloaf cabbage, raddish, carrot, apple and blood orange that was great too. The champion of the night though were the hand made chips. They were crunchy golden on the outside and fluffy white in the middle emmmmmm.




Thursday Night Dinner Club

20151001_19570820151001_195027With Paula out for the night at her platform diving class I have been forced to start the Thursday Night Dinner Club. I call it a club so it doesn’t seem so tragic cooking for just myself. Tonights fare is Bacon and Pork Lasagne. Basically just traditional pork mince sauce with my home made bechamel sauce and rashers and slices of bacon. Club members rated it pretty good but did note there is quite a lot left over and it may have to be tomorrows lunch.

steeping the clove stuffed onion in milk to make the bechemal sauce

steeping the clove stuffed onion in milk to make the bechamel sauce

oven ready bacon and pork lasgne

oven ready bacon and pork lasagne

line lasagne tin with bacon and layer with trditional pork mince sauce, bechemal sauce fried bacon strips and cheese

line lasagne tin with bacon and layer with a pork mince sauce, bechamel sauce fried bacon strips and cheese


20150928_18364720150928_183707This was a last minute decision for dinner. I had the tuna in the fridge and some nice fresh snowpeas. A quick sear of the tuna and toss some noodles and snowpeas through an oyster sauce and top with the tuna and a nice little mandarin ginger sauce for the fish.

Twice Cooked Pork Belly w/ Char Siu Sauce

20150925_18271220150924_214458I don’t bother doing twice cooked pork belly often, mainly because its pretty good cooked just once. The benefit of cooking it twice is that you press it underweight over night once cooked and that forces a lot of the fat and gelatinous material out, leaving a cleaner meatier pork belly. I did this one and then had a Char Siu sauce and a garden salad with it. When twice cooking, leave belly in vac sealed bag it comes in from the super market or vac seal yourself. Then cook sous vide style at about 58 -60deg for an hour or so. Cool and press overnight and then cook to caramelise.