Techno Colour Salad

20151011_18495020151011_185234Just a quick fix for Sunday dinner. I had some pork loin chops so I just whipped up a Fennel and blood orange salad to go with. The salad was the best part, the pork was a bit average but the salad rocked.



20140518_182821While shopping a certain someone with a Salmon addiction went to the seafood cabinet at the supermarket and came back with something even better…Ocean Trout! It is stronger flavoured and not quite as fatty as salmon and is a deeper pink when cooked. I had some scallops in the freezer so added them to the plate. The trout was pan-fried in a little avocado oil and butter and the scallops were brushed with avo oil then dipped in pastachio dukkah. Because of my dev-ocean to she who must be obeyed I made a version of orange and ginger sauce but spiced it up with some red chilli and fennel tops. Throw in a nice Asian salad and you have a perfect Sunday dinner. 20140518_182805