IZONE Stone grill Cafe

036 (9)Went to Cafe Izone in Burnham while in Christchurch New Zealand recently. They have a mixed menu but specialise in Stone Grill Steaks. Your meat is delivered raw on a smoking hot stone slab and you cook it at the table to your liking. Like I assume most people do I sliced off pieces and cooked them individually while the bulk of the eye fillet continued to slow cook. Our friends Marty and Des (locals) ordered off the menu and their dishes one a20141014_19224520141014_19225120141014_19223720141014_19223320141014_20285020141014_20285620141014_202859 grouper the other stuffed chicken looked pretty good too. The service was attentive and good-natured and A bit over $100 for two eye fillets, two desserts and a couple of OJs was pretty good pricing for what we had. The Key Lime Pie was very good.


Greellow Paw Paw Salad

sept2013_39This was going to be a green Paw Paw or Papaya Salad depending where you live. However I forgot about the fruit and it ripened more than I would have liked, so its a greellow paw paw salad. We used to have a Paw Paw tree at our back patio when we lived on land and they were fantastic paw paw. The tartness of the under ripe fruit goes really well with the Thai flavours of the dressing (when they are green) and the crunch of the sprouts combined with the heat of the ginger and chilli make it a great salad to freshen up a red meat dish. I made it to go with a nice little Eye Fillet and some Parsnip Chips. The dressing is a mix of soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice, rice bran oil, S&P, honey, and a scige of sesame oil.