mar2013_102Emmmmmmmm…leftovers. believe it or not this is exactly that leftovers. Firstly this dish is a Duck and Sausage Casserole. It was Sunday night dinner made from the leftover beef sausage from Saturdays sausage in bread lunch and the left over duck legs from Paulas belated birthday dinner of Peking style duck pancakes that we had for Saturday nights dinner. The casserole was made by sauteeing onions, carrot and mushroom in the pressure cooker. Then adding three large ripe tomatoes (1/4rd) and cooking that down untill the tomatoes start to fall apart a bit then add chopped cooked sausage and any other veg you want I just chopped some asparagus that needed using up. Now add 2 cups of stock, I used chicken and 1/3rd bottle of red wine and some Italian herbs or any fresh if you have them. Add the cooked duck legs. Then put the lid on the pressure cooker and bring to a steady steam, reduce heat and slowly cook for 45 mins or so. Serve with your best mashed potato.mar2013_99mar2013_100

This is the Bbqed duck that was used to make the peking style pancakes, although we had my secret orange sauce with it and sliced fresh peach, cucumber and fried schallot.

Ducks and Jakes

 This is a request from my nephew Jake, 25 and he’s never eaten duck. We eat a fair bit of duck, its a little expensive but no more so than most premium cuts of meat. Treated properly there is nothing better than a good duck breast. A lot of people over cook it thinking its like chicken but duck can be and should be eaten fairly rare, medium at best. Sometimes I will buy the whole duck but usually only when they are on special, there is a lot of waste in a whole duck unless you make your own stocks etc or duck soup. Generally the breasts are about $10 – $12 for two, bear in mind that would cost you $35 – $55 a plate in a restaurant so they are still good value for what they are. For crispy skinned duck breast just place the raw breasts skin side down in a COLD pan and bring to a sizzling fry. Once skin is golden and crispy ( 5-7)mins depending on size and heat, turn and seal underside for two minutes and then place in a pre-heated oven (180c) for a further 6-7 minutes (for medium), rest for 4 minutes before slicing. I often make Peking duck pancakes they are addictive, place sliced duck breast in a mandarin pancake add sticks of shallot, cucumber, pear or what ever takes your fancy. (peking duck refers to the marinade you cook the duck with) As in the main pic where I have used red current jelly I also often use that in the pancakes. Roll it all up and stuff face till you can’t move anymore. If I buy a whole duck one of my favourite things to do with left overs is make a Duck risotto, frozen green peas, some chantrelles or cepe mushroom if available where you live or enoki etc if not available. Make Stock with duck carcass after picking remaining meat off  (you can use a roasted frame for this also) and use this to make your risotto. So there you go Jacob try some of these ideas and I bet rowing down the Avon takes on a whole new purpose.