Best Bacon Big Breakfast

nov2013_66 nov2013_69 Our local butcher holds the title for Australia’s Best Bacon. Now you could have a bacon sandwich or  BLT or maybe a bacon and egg muffin. I however believe the countries best bacon deserves better than that. I use it to make my own homemade All Day Big Breakfast. If this doesn’t cure what ails you, Nothing will!

304 klm Breakfast

20130911_135705 This would have to be about my 20th Big Bavarian Breakfast. We used to live in the Whitsunday Islands and found this breakfast in Airlie Beach. After a night of Drinking on a friends yacht and only just finding our way back to our own boat (an hour and half searching) we woke to horrible hangovers. Not entirely our own fault, the offending friend has a still on board and plied us with free liquor. Anyway mid morning we motored ashore to try to alleviate the hurt we were suffering. After a short walk and several minutes trying to focus on the menu board in the tropical sun I found the BBB all day breakfast. The venue was Harry’s Corner Cafe a fairly innocuous looking place that turned out to be a haven of good value and food. Since that day I have only ever had the BBB. One, I really do like it and two, I don’t want to try anything else and risk being dissapointed. All their other food looks and smells good too and Paula loves the Fruit Pancakes you see here and often tries to get me to have them but NO! Harry’s is where I go for my Breakfast! even though this particular one was eaten at 2pm. Here I am a rasher of bacon and more than half a sausage in when I thought to get the picture. How much do I like my Big Bavarian Breakfast? Well we no longer float a stones throw away from Harry’s Corner Cafe. It is a 152klms each way, so as the title suggests that’s a round trip of 304klms. 20130911_135701

20130911_141014Paulas pancakes







One of the views from Harry’s.

Click on this one and you can see some of the local wildlife!