Club Lunch

sept2013_145I used to be indecisive…Now I’m Not sure! We couldn’t decide what to have for lunch so we went for EVERYTHING! We had just shopped and had nice fresh multi-grain bread and heaps of ingredients so we went for Club Sandwiches. The combos include chicken cheese and mayo, mashed boiled egg, tomato and avocado, chicken and avocado and sliced egg, curried egg, cheese chicken and tomato… nom,nom,nom,nom,nom…sept2013_150sept2013_147

Ninja Fuel

I Never really went much for Sushi until I started making it for myself. I’m sure a good Japanese restaurant and places like a little spot we know do really nice sushi, but my first experience with it was probably from a food court somewhere and wasn’t great at all. I practiced a bit with the flavours and now produce something if not as authentic as some certainly as tasty. Like with everything else I make, I use what ever I can lay my hands on. Today I pickled some  carrot and parsnip sticks and used them in the rolls too. I used cucumber, avocado, pickled ginger, mock wasabi (green pea puree with some horseradish cream) I don’t like wasabi, smoked salmon, crispy chicken and cupee mayonnaise.