Piscatorial Protein

20150926_19234920150926_185256As the weather heats up around here, we are moving away from the meaty winter dishes and leaning toward lighter more tropic friendly food. We love fish and seafood and that is the obvious road to travel particularly as we live on a yacht. When we go gypsy and live out at sea and the islands we eat loads of seafood, from fish to oysters, prawns, crabs and crayfish to name a few and we catch it all ourselves as we want it. Time we got back to doing that I think. Even here in the marina we have access to good fresh local seafood from the fishmonger up the road. This is some excellent Coral Trout just pan seared and a mandarin ginger sauce. The side dish is a roux based potato, asparagus and boiled egg bake. The new meat and three veg!



20140610_194949This was one of those dishes that just wasn’t going to get there. I had an idea where I was going before I started but kinda lost interest half way through. It was a twice cooked pork belly with pumpkin puree, asparagus, carrot and potato and pumpkin croquette. The croquette and the caramelised apple we’re the highlight of the plate.

Pork Fillet Veg and Haloumi

20140407_19213220140407_192121This is a little pork fillet from the supermarket. the trick is cooking them just right. It’s very easy to over cook them especially when you throw in resting time. The trick is sear them fast in a hot pan then reduce heat and cook off to med rare, then rest for 5-6mins. If in doubt you can nicely slice 2/3rds thru in several places along the fillet to gauge how far cooked they are, if done well it still presents well on the plate. I served this one on sauteed pear with pumpkin mash, seared haloumi and seared asparagus. The asparagus, haloumi and pear were all cooked in the one pan at more or less the same time so that saves dishes. The sauce is kecap manis, ginger, S&P, mango juice, cornflour and butter.

All About the Veg

nov2013_2It’s well known by the posts in this blog that I do like the Pork flesh and probably don’t trust anyone that doesn’t. How ever this dish was all about the vege compote. It is beautifully fresh Asparagus and cherry tomatoes sauteed with a little butter and garlic and cubes of Haloumi cheese and of course some of my latest food obsession, chilli. I blanched the asparagus a little just to take the crunch down to a snap then pan seared lightly with the other ingredients and Yes that is the worlds best mashed potato with it also. Add the medium cooked pork loin chop and viola food for the gods.

Risoni the Italian Rice

This made for a really nice light lunch. It is cooked Risoni Salad with Chilli Mayo Tuna. It took maybe 20 minutes to make and then another 20 to cool in the fridge. The Tuna is just out of a can and has a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce and a couple of tablespoons of kewpie mayo mixed through. I finely sliced some zuchinni, carrot and asparagus and tossed it through the warm pasta with a couple of spoons full of canned peas and corn. To keep the salad light I dressed it with some sushi rice seasoning. Quick, easy, cheap gotta love that.