Brain the Size of a Planet…

20151008_19540720151008_19563620151008_195349With Paula away for the night having a small surgery to fit a  titanium pin after a Ju Jitsu incident it was time for the second sitting of the Thursday Night Dinner Club. With membership as low as one It’s hardly worth heating a pan so tonight it’s a sad effort.


Apple Rose

20151007_21060620151007_21025020151007_20182620151007_18290720151007_182659A friend shared this to us the other day on facebook and I had to have a go at making them. Its just puff pastry, apple, and apricot jam with a little cinnamon and sugar. They look pretty cool and tasted good too, thanks Nara. We had it with choc chip cookies and cream and cookie dough icecream.

Grand Final Sukiyaki

20151004_21480820151004_21444120151004_17214620151004_213850This was supposed to be half time dinner on grand final night, the game was so good it didn’t get cooked until after the game. I had prepped all the ingredients for Sukiyaki in the afternoon so it was just a matter of cooking it all up. First make the broth with things like garlic, ginger, lemongrass, chilli, oyster sauce, soy, palm sugar and chicken stock. Then arrange vegetables around the pan and lightly cook off, add things based on their thickness etc, tofu early, bean sprouts last. I used them, carrot, cabbage, asparagus, snowpeas, mushrooms and rice vermecilli noodles. Once veg is cooked portion into bowls and then add the thinly sliced (I used) eye fillet and it will cook in the broth when you ladle it over the veg, meat and noodles. I topped mine with a perfect poached in the veg stock egg. Ichi Ban soup

Porterhouse, Slaw and Chips

20151002_192640Walking past the butchers today I saw some nice little porterhouse steaks so I grabbed one. Paula went with a rib fillet despite the nice PH. My steak was excellent her rib fillet was rubbish. I made a nice fresh coleslaw with red and sugarloaf cabbage, raddish, carrot, apple and blood orange that was great too. The champion of the night though were the hand made chips. They were crunchy golden on the outside and fluffy white in the middle emmmmmm.




Thursday Night Dinner Club

20151001_19570820151001_195027With Paula out for the night at her platform diving class I have been forced to start the Thursday Night Dinner Club. I call it a club so it doesn’t seem so tragic cooking for just myself. Tonights fare is Bacon and Pork Lasagne. Basically just traditional pork mince sauce with my home made bechamel sauce and rashers and slices of bacon. Club members rated it pretty good but did note there is quite a lot left over and it may have to be tomorrows lunch.

steeping the clove stuffed onion in milk to make the bechemal sauce

steeping the clove stuffed onion in milk to make the bechamel sauce

oven ready bacon and pork lasgne

oven ready bacon and pork lasagne

line lasagne tin with bacon and layer with trditional pork mince sauce, bechemal sauce fried bacon strips and cheese

line lasagne tin with bacon and layer with a pork mince sauce, bechamel sauce fried bacon strips and cheese

Piscatorial Protein

20150926_19234920150926_185256As the weather heats up around here, we are moving away from the meaty winter dishes and leaning toward lighter more tropic friendly food. We love fish and seafood and that is the obvious road to travel particularly as we live on a yacht. When we go gypsy and live out at sea and the islands we eat loads of seafood, from fish to oysters, prawns, crabs and crayfish to name a few and we catch it all ourselves as we want it. Time we got back to doing that I think. Even here in the marina we have access to good fresh local seafood from the fishmonger up the road. This is some excellent Coral Trout just pan seared and a mandarin ginger sauce. The side dish is a roux based potato, asparagus and boiled egg bake. The new meat and three veg!


20150928_18364720150928_183707This was a last minute decision for dinner. I had the tuna in the fridge and some nice fresh snowpeas. A quick sear of the tuna and toss some noodles and snowpeas through an oyster sauce and top with the tuna and a nice little mandarin ginger sauce for the fish.