All Sailed Out

Well its Friday and I’m still getting over last weekend… not grog or party hearty…. It was great weather for fishing so we threw the ropes and headed out to the islands. It had been way too long. The second day out when I woke up I felt like I had run a marathon. Every muscle ached particularly my quad muscles. When sailing you do a lot of crouching and standing up and it comes as a bit of a shock if you don’t keep it up regularly. We sailed around marking fishing grounds for another day, found a couple of good wrecks and had a drop on them but the wind was a bit much for fishing in 40+ metres with a huge tide (3 days after the full moon). So we settled for putting some GPS marks on the plotter for next time. If you want to see why we spent the better part of three days sailing around, often in circles, looking for bumps on the bottom google “reefari fishing charters mackay Qld videos” .If you fish or eat fish or have ever seen a fish these videos will blow your mind. Being the middle of the Humpback Whale migration season it was like whale soup out there. We must have seen about 40-50 whales in three days, some right next to our yacht. I killed my old laptop yesterday and bought a new one today, so when I re install all my software I will add pics to this post of the whales etc. Some other boats going out north of us came across a dead humpback whale floating, it made for some pretty wild pics and video especially with four or five large (4m+) tiger sharks feeding on it. Last year we were fortunate enough to have a mother and baby whale visit us while we were fishing. We were in our tender a 3.6mtr aluminium dinghy when a 20 odd metre whale and 8m calf came right to us. Quite humbling being two metres from a 22m whale when your in a 3.5m boat. If you have never seen one up close get to Australia and do it, you wont regret it.

Here we are a few metres away from mum, 20+metres of mum, you can just see baby out of shot. Mum kept lifting baby on her head and showing it to us and the baby kept coming over to us and rolling on her side to look at us. I’ll look for those pics.