20141217_20073620141217_200715 I am really liking vegetable spaghetti or vegetty. I make it by turning the vegetable on a vege cutter I have. Then I make the particular sauce I want and treat the strips of veg like fresh pasta and add them a few minutes out from the sauce being finished. This sauce was a creamy garlic and white wine reduction and the veges were parsnip and zucchini. I topped it with a beautiful piece of pan seared Red Emperor and a drizzle of avocado oil.

Craving The Veg

20140811_19522020140811_195214I had a bit of a vege craving tonight, maybe after my excellent fish and chip lunch. I had a really nice Pork Fillet in the fridge so I pan seared them and while they rested I stir-fried a heap of fresh veges. I used red cabbage, raddish, asparagus, green beans, mushroom, carrot and onion. Chuck in some sliced garlic and heaps of sliced ginger, S&P and all fried in a little coconut oil. I also added some sweet soy and oyster sauce and some sliced red chilli to give the veg a kick. I served the pork on a bed of cous cous flavoured with garlic, lemon zest and parsley and drizzled over a soy, lemon and honey glaze. One episode of ‘home and away’ and its done.


20140325_194202Sometimes you just stumble across something that is just the absolute best way to achieve a particular result and when it comes to cooking meat for me, that has been Sous Vide, French for under vacuum. The vacuum packed meat is cooked at a low temperature for a longer period in a waterbath. The water temp is maintained at a certain temp for desired cookedness  ( I made that up). This lamb rack was med rare after 45 minutes at 58deg c then a quick hot sear in a pan to caramalise the outside. I served it on a Moroccan spiced sweet potato mash with mashed potato, garlic buttered broccoli and cashew nut and a pepper and mint gravy. 20140325_194224

Goats Cheese and Spiced Pear Paste stuffed Baby Capsicums and some other stuff

20140316_192024As the title might suggest the stuffed caps were the star in this little show. I splurged and bought a small block of Truffled Goats Cheese (its insanely expensive $72kg) it does have Italian Black Truffles but not much of it. I used it to stuff nice fresh baby capsicum and added spiced pear paste and topped it with crushed cashew nuts. 15 minutes or so in the convection oven and YUM! I did some sides of a scotch fillet, twice cooked baby potatoes, soy asparagus w pepper sauce.