Sea Scallops And Black Pudding

20141103_180715Ok here is a first for me, eating Black Pudding. Or Blood Sausage as it is also known. I have known of it’s existence forever but never had the opportunity to try it and then found it at our produce shop. I know Scallops and Black pudding is quite common and liked throughout Europe so I decided that was the way to go. I cut the black pudding into thin rounds and then pan-fried until crispy, I served it on a potato roesti and topped it with pan-seared scallops and a citrus, ginger, soy drizzle sauce. I made a fresh garden salad to go with it all. The scallop and salty meat go well together and the black pudding was not too bad either. I would say best enjoyed in moderation as it is very rich.20141103_180645