Club Lunch

sept2013_145I used to be indecisive…Now I’m Not sure! We couldn’t decide what to have for lunch so we went for EVERYTHING! We had just shopped and had nice fresh multi-grain bread and heaps of ingredients so we went for Club Sandwiches. The combos include chicken cheese and mayo, mashed boiled egg, tomato and avocado, chicken and avocado and sliced egg, curried egg, cheese chicken and tomato… nom,nom,nom,nom,nom…sept2013_150sept2013_147

A Manwich

may2013_40  When was the last time you had a club sandwich? While not a huge sandwich eater I can’t help myself when I see a club sandwich, this one was made the day Paula had to stop me from joining a wake at the pub (I didnt know the deceased or the mourners) when they came out with a platter of club sandwich’s. They just looked soooooooooo good. So I went home and made myself this Smoked Chicken and Salad Club emmmmmmmmmmmmmm.