No Cook Dinner

nov2013_117 nov2013_119This meal came about by necessity. We have been working long days and after a 10.5hr day painting the hull of a 90 foot boat I just didn’t feel like cooking. We had seen nice fresh prawns at the seafood shop at lunch time so Paula went up (its here in the marina) and got some. I made a salsa with fresh pineapple, avocado, tomato and chilli and dressed it with lime juice and sushi vinegar s&p. Home made seafood sauce for the prawns and even enough energy for a little garnish

Banana Prawn and Shiitake Mushroom Risotto

I guess a lot of people’s experience with Risotto may well have been the same as my early exposure to it. Rice Risotto out of sachet or perhaps RiceRiso. When mum would make rice risotto I would not be impressed. Over time I have come to love risotto and have had some good ones on occasion from a restaurant or two but homemade is just the best. The one here is a favourite, it is Banana Prawn and Shiitake Mushroom, of course any good risotto should have frozen green peas. I use the water from soaking the dried shiitake to cook the risotto as well as stock from the roasted prawn shells. The secret is take your time, add just a cup of liquids at a time and reduce almost fully before adding more, season lightly until fully reduced as ingredients give saltiness, finish with a nice big spoon of real butter once off the heat and stand for min 5minutes covered before serving. Grated parmesan such as grana padana or similar is excellent on top.