Pies and Tarts

20150621_155400I bought a pack of pastry just so I could make this pie. I had been given home laid fresh eggs but had a dozen in the fridge all ready. So Bacon and Egg pie it was. I also made some little Onion and Tomato tarts to use 20150621_16535920150621_16182120150621_16181220150621_171358up spare ingredients. Oh nearly forgot, there is a hidden cheesy crust on the pie too!

Iconic letdown

20150113_132431 We had occasion to be down in the South East corner of the state recently and also had the opportunity to go to what is considered an Iconic Queensland business Yatala Pies. They are so well-known that they have a car park to rival a theme park and when we went parking spaces were scarce. I was confident my eternal quest for a good pie was over…NUP! While they had a huge range of fillings and even the type of pastry I like they just weren’t good. Taste aside, they were roughly assembled with filling spilling out and quite un-iconic looking. With pastry much like I would get from the super market when I make pies the only salvation would have been excellent fillings but they were pretty standard fair for any I have had from the golf club canteen and servos. As I said the place was packed mid week lunchtime and is installed in local folklore but I found all three pies we tried pretty average  and we didn’t finish any of them. So the quest continues so far it’s between me and Mrs Macs Pies…There can be only one Mrs Macs, only one!20150113_132446

Pan Pie

20140314_190457 20140314_19051620140314_19085220140314_18250720140314_182821We are house sitting for the past fortnight so I have the luxury of a full kitchen which is a nice change from the boat. I decided to make a pie but when I went to the cupboard it was all Mother Hubbard. Well it wasn’t empty but there was no Pie Dish..What! Not to be thwarted in my attempts I used a fry pan, I just wrapped the handle in foil and away I went. The resulting Spicy Beef Pie was excellent and being made with puff pastry it was good cold for lunch the next day.

Pie, Pie, my Kingdom for a Good Pie

20140222_200308 20140222_200613Shes my Shepherd’s Pie, tastes so good make a grown man cry…Oh no thats cherry pie. Anyway this is my shepherd’s pie and it does taste good. Its just a beef mince pie with potato topping instead of pastry. Actually there is no pastry at all, I guess the shepherd in the field couldn’t carry pastry around but they did have sheep and could easily carry potatoes. My Mum used to make this for me when I was a lad and I still like it today. Despite living in a town with at least ten bakeries and even a commercial pie factory it is impossible to get a good pie, WTF! Its easy people, what baker can’t make a pie!

Good 3.14159265359

aug2013_21Chicken Pot Pie! I have been meaning to make this dish for about 2 and a half years after not being able to have it at the Whitsunday sailing club because we had our dogs with us and for some reason we couldn’t take our meals outside to the beer garden where the dogs could be?…Anyway, we were shopping and came across these cool little casserole dishes. They are perfect size for an individual serving of pot pie or casserole or what ever you choose to cook in them. I’m going to try slow cooked Coddled Eggs on the bbq soon so there’s another post. The chicken pot pie is made with a white roux sauce and any veges you like, I used carrot corn, and peas and served it with creamy mashed potato and sesame soy greens. aug2013_26 aug2013_20







Sailing Food


 First day out stomach settler.

Even salty seadogs can get a queasy stomach after a while off the water and while I have never suffered seasickness I think the best remedy for nausea often is to feed it. One of the few times I will bother with breakfast is when we are out at sea and I generally have a 1st day out breakfast something like the one pictured. Things like bacon, beans, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes the possibilities are endless, oh and toast always toast, allowed to cool and go crunchy of course. Because we are often out at sea for weeks and months on end bacon and eggs can be become luxuries, a welcome change from fish, oysters, crabs etc. Pies are another thing we get cravings for, we have found Fray Bentos Pies in a can which are great as we can keep them for months on board. The only problem is Fray Bentos make heaps of flavours but the only one available in Australia is steak and kidney, I despise kidney but there is so little in them they are edible enough when you have been at sea for a long time. When we go out for a weekend or short trip we tend to eat smaller snackier meals or deli stuff like hams and cheese’s and roles. The last weekend out we had a rack of lamb in the fridge and Paula had seen Devils on Horseback on tv so we had short cut bacon and big fresh dates ( better than traditional prunes)  so she made the DOHB and I cut the rack into cutlets and we had it with supermarket salads. Nice and quick, took about twenty minutes and next to no dishes. thats good sailing food.