All About the Veg

nov2013_2It’s well known by the posts in this blog that I do like the Pork flesh and probably don’t trust anyone that doesn’t. How ever this dish was all about the vege compote. It is beautifully fresh Asparagus and cherry tomatoes sauteed with a little butter and garlic and cubes of Haloumi cheese and of course some of my latest food obsession, chilli. I blanched the asparagus a little just to take the crunch down to a snap then pan seared lightly with the other ingredients and Yes that is the worlds best mashed potato with it also. Add the medium cooked pork loin chop and viola food for the gods.

Whos Loumi?

 Doe’s having a small salad with this dish make up for the fact that there are three pieces of fried Haloumi on it? Who cares! It was excellent. Its Lamb Steaks topped with pan-fried haloumi  and chilli mint sauce w/ salad and sweet potato chips. Its an extra big serve because Paula was feeling a bit seedy after a big rum and didn’t want all of hers, the sacrifices we make! The lamb was very good, fresh and only cooked for bout 2 mins each side then rested. The result was perfectly blushing steaks that were as tender as it gets. Gotta say I’m loving the lamb price war.