Sorry everyone

I apologise to anyone that was following  my WordPress site when I dropped out of the ether but I have just moved my ramblings over to facebook. If my food made you hungry come see Food ninja ” cooking the other martial art” on FB 🙂

Apple Rose

20151007_21060620151007_21025020151007_20182620151007_18290720151007_182659A friend shared this to us the other day on facebook and I had to have a go at making them. Its just puff pastry, apple, and apricot jam with a little cinnamon and sugar. They look pretty cool and tasted good too, thanks Nara. We had it with choc chip cookies and cream and cookie dough icecream.

Porterhouse, Slaw and Chips

20151002_192640Walking past the butchers today I saw some nice little porterhouse steaks so I grabbed one. Paula went with a rib fillet despite the nice PH. My steak was excellent her rib fillet was rubbish. I made a nice fresh coleslaw with red and sugarloaf cabbage, raddish, carrot, apple and blood orange that was great too. The champion of the night though were the hand made chips. They were crunchy golden on the outside and fluffy white in the middle emmmmmm.




Sweets for her Sweet!

20150925_19455320150925_194602This looked excellent…pity I didn’t get one. It is Paula’s play on trifle. It was made with chocolate brownie, custard, strawberries, caramel sauce and Turkish delight ice cream. After making them up and showing me how good they look, they were whisked away and given to the neighbours…ripped off!

Twice Cooked Pork Belly w/ Char Siu Sauce

20150925_18271220150924_214458I don’t bother doing twice cooked pork belly often, mainly because its pretty good cooked just once. The benefit of cooking it twice is that you press it underweight over night once cooked and that forces a lot of the fat and gelatinous material out, leaving a cleaner meatier pork belly. I did this one and then had a Char Siu sauce and a garden salad with it. When twice cooking, leave belly in vac sealed bag it comes in from the super market or vac seal yourself. Then cook sous vide style at about 58 -60deg for an hour or so. Cool and press overnight and then cook to caramelise.

Smoked Salmon and Zucchini Fettucine

20150922_18313220150922_184621Had a hankering for some pasta so went with this Salmon and zucchini number. In a bid to reduce the richness I went to the trouble of making Panna, Italian cream sauce. Its much like a typical cream reduction other than it has egg and chicken stock which makes it less rich and sweet. It was a particularly nice dish, if I do say so myself and there is even enough left overs to provide “Jakanara” ( the neighbours ) with tomorrows lunch.

6 Hour Pulled Pork

20150903_182334Now what? I bought a 4 1/4 boneless pork roast with the intention of making pulled pork. Well I did, but didn’t plan it well Paula’s gone out for the night and I didn’t cook anything else so I went with a warm pulled pork sandwich. We have friends sailing in from up north tomorrow so I will make a fresh coleslaw and maybe get some crusty rolls!