Of Greeks and Fishes

20151018_18214520151018_181619We were shopping and had already been to the fish market so I decided to get the bits for a Greek Salad. Paula had salmon (again) and I had red throat emperor. I made a garlic and thyme Beurre noisette or burnt butter sauce to top the fish. All very simple and tasty.

Piscatorial Protein

20150926_19234920150926_185256As the weather heats up around here, we are moving away from the meaty winter dishes and leaning toward lighter more tropic friendly food. We love fish and seafood and that is the obvious road to travel particularly as we live on a yacht. When we go gypsy and live out at sea and the islands we eat loads of seafood, from fish to oysters, prawns, crabs and crayfish to name a few and we catch it all ourselves as we want it. Time we got back to doing that I think. Even here in the marina we have access to good fresh local seafood from the fishmonger up the road. This is some excellent Coral Trout just pan seared and a mandarin ginger sauce. The side dish is a roux based potato, asparagus and boiled egg bake. The new meat and three veg!

Lemongrass Fish Soup Starter

20150906_190138We had friends aboard for dinner the other night and I did a two course Asian meal. We had a nice prawn and fish curry for mains but the dish of the night was the Thai Lemongrass Fish soup that I made for a starter. I have a bit of an addiction to lemongrass lately can’t get enough. To the point I am now growing my own on the boat, along with three types of chilli. I made a stock by roasting the prawn shells to make a base for the soup. Lots of lemongrass some ginger and garlic, chilli, fish sauce, soy, limejuice and zest, water and S&P. Then I steamed some beautiful Red Throat Emperor and ladled over the mildly spicy lemongrass soup. Top with some freshly fried shallots and a few chilli rings and you are done.20150906_154141

The infused stock made from the roasted prawn shells

The infused stock made from the roasted prawn shells

the stock ingredients after straining

the stock ingredients after straining

Double Dilema

20150813_17505720150813_174528We went to the fish market today to get some fresh fish. Paula went with her usual choice of Atlantic Salmon. I however just couldn’t decide between, Red Throat Emperor or a nice freshly cut Spanish Mackeral steaks…So I had both! I made a Smoked Paprika Rice cake with last nights leftover rice and seared it in butter and I also made a Candied Orange, Triple Cream Brie and Fennel salad to go with the pan seared fish. And topped it all of with my Orange and Ginger sauce.

Friday is Fish Day

20150225_20210020150225_20203920150225_202054 Contrary to what some people think, currying protein doesn’t necessarily mean you are losing the flavour of the meat or flesh. This beautiful dish of pan seared fish is made with the same New Zealand Blue Cod asĀ  in a recent post featuring a fish curry. While the curry obviously adds it’s own flavours, the fish itself when cooked properly, seals and remains flaky white and moist inside and retains its distinctive and desirable flavour. Pan fried like this in a little good oil like Avocado or even better coconut oil is my favourite way to cook most fish and here I have served it with what I grew up with as “babies veges” cooked mashed mixed veges. I just use what ever veg I have on hand. This is 60/40 pumpkin/potato w/ peas, zucchini, carrot, mushroom and cabbage.

Fiery Fish Curry

20150218_19482620150218_194901Had a hankering for a really hot curry so I made up a Vindaloo Paste. Normally I tend to make a beef or pork vindaloo but I had some New Zealand Blue Cod in the freezer so I went with a fiery fish curry. It was damn fine! Hot enough to make your lips tingle and have a sheen of sweat on your forehead…excellent! I added some vege in the form of carrot snowpeas and zucchini, oh and a little red onion. I also made a cucumber, apple and mango relish riata that was a nice cooling influence throughout the firestorm.