Brain the Size of a Planet…

20151008_19540720151008_19563620151008_195349With Paula away for the night having a small surgery to fit a  titanium pin after a Ju Jitsu incident it was time for the second sitting of the Thursday Night Dinner Club. With membership as low as one It’s hardly worth heating a pan so tonight it’s a sad effort.

Eggs Benedict-Ish

20140601_122658I woke up today with the thought of Eggs Benedict. Of course we had none of the ingredients to make it. And to top it off the annual Marina Marathon and fun run was on and it was near impossible to leave the marina berths let alone get out on the only road into the marina. Not to be thwarted in the food battle I made eggs Benedict-Ish. I used multigrain bread for the toasted muffin, sliced avocado for the spinach, canned kippered herring for the ham, genuine fresh poached egg and a packet of Maggi instant Hollandaise sauce. After that I thought seared portobello mushroom and yellow tomato couldn’t hurt either. Breakfast of champions!