Hot Curry, Cold Beer, Crusty Roll

20151015_19381420151015_193823With Paula out for the night at the gun range sighting in the laser sights on her new 50 cal. pistol it is time for the third sitting of the Thursday Dinner Club. This could be described as Lazy Asian Fusion. It is a chicken and mushroom curry made with an Indian style paste and I have thrown in Ramen noodles. It was a fiery curry but luckily enough all member (myself) like a hot one. Just to add to the mix I had a nice cold American beer and an excellent crusty  French roll.

Leap Of Faith…

20150830_13101320150830_185020Now Baby when you read this think back to when eating this when you said “Yum this meat is really really nice”: The main picture here is all the ingredients that go into my typical curry paste. The reason for the reminder above is, once I made the paste I used it to make us a curry for dinner and darlin, you remember that nice Kangaroo fillet I bought… well, you loved it! I LOVE you! Paula normally doesn’t like kangaroo siting a gamey taste but I had some really nice roo and wanted to try it in a curry sooo. As it turns out we both thought it was pretty good. I served the curried kangaroo, potato, carrot and mushrooms with minted saffron rice and a cucumber, tomato, apple and yoghurt raita. Paula, oblivious to my culinary deception made some excellent bhatura to go with our kangaroo.

The fried off and finished paste.

The fried off and finished paste.

Pork and Tofu Curry

20150816_17452720150816_174547This is a Pork and Tofu curry. It was made with the best curry paste I have made in a long time. Not sure what made the paste so good other than I added a couple of new ingredients to the mix. It was my typical Vindaloo style paste with some extra cloves and star anise. It was damn fine what ever the reason.

Oh I needed That

20150814_22110520150814_221031We had been at the night markets and not had dinner but then about 10pm I got a curry craving. I had freshly made paste in the fridge and some nice rump steak so I did a beef, onion and tomato vindaloo. It was smoking hot as I added two heaped teaspoons of extra hot cayenne powder to my already potent paste. By ten thirty I had cured my craving and raised my metabolism a few thousand points. It was cryingly hot and delicious.

Pork and Bean Vindaloo

20150703_183148A reasonably hot end to the week. I had left over roast pork belly so I used it to make a fiery Vindaloo. I made a big batch of paste a few days back and have been sharing it with MIss Masterfoods, aka Shanara from down the marina, despite her cheeky mouth. Insinuating you could get paste like that from the shops HAH! girl needs tying and whipping!

Curry of the Month

20150228_19165320150228_191721 I had a two week aged curry paste, a Vindaloo paste to be precise so I decided to do a smokin’ hot beef vindaloo. A nice big piece of rump was the beef of choice. I marinated the diced beef in 2/3rds of a cup of malt vinegar and two large heaped tablespoons of the paste all day. I even made some fresh coconut milk from fresh nuts we have onboard. The paste was divine, the two weeks aging in the fridge just makes it so much better. It was certainly hot but you can’t stop eating it so you just have to moderate things by combining the saffron and pea rice, Paula’s excellent bhatura, the cooling mango, apple,cucumber and yoghurt raita with each mouthful of fiery beef.

Fiery Fish Curry

20150218_19482620150218_194901Had a hankering for a really hot curry so I made up a Vindaloo Paste. Normally I tend to make a beef or pork vindaloo but I had some New Zealand Blue Cod in the freezer so I went with a fiery fish curry. It was damn fine! Hot enough to make your lips tingle and have a sheen of sweat on your forehead…excellent! I added some vege in the form of carrot snowpeas and zucchini, oh and a little red onion. I also made a cucumber, apple and mango relish riata that was a nice cooling influence throughout the firestorm.