Hot Curry, Cold Beer, Crusty Roll

20151015_19381420151015_193823With Paula out for the night at the gun range sighting in the laser sights on her new 50 cal. pistol it is time for the third sitting of the Thursday Dinner Club. This could be described as Lazy Asian Fusion. It is a chicken and mushroom curry made with an Indian style paste and I have thrown in Ramen noodles. It was a fiery curry but luckily enough all member (myself) like a hot one. Just to add to the mix I had a nice cold American beer and an excellent crusty  French roll.

Teriyaki Chicken w/ Rice

20150619_185539Last minute decision for Friday dinner. I grabbed some chicken thighs from the freezer and put them in front of the aircon exhaust to defrost quickly ( no microwave on the boat ) and whip up a teriyaki marinade. I marinated the chicken when defrosted while I prepped the vege and rice. Then its just pan sear the chicken and then toss in your fresh veg. Finally add last of reserved marinade and cook off then thicken with corn flour. One Glossy Teriyaki Chicken on Rice.

Thai One On!

20150303_183822 Needed a heat pick me up and have been hammering the Indian curries so I decided to have a nice hot Thom Kha Gai. Thai Coconut Chicken Soup, yum it hit the spot nicely. As with most dishes I just used the veges on hand so this had snowpeas, zuchini, carrot, mushroom and onion. The spices are chilli, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, with some dried shrimp paste, palm sugar and lime juice as well.

Sweet Mango and Chicken Curry with Bhatura

20141030_191643 Tonight I made a Chicken and Mango Curry like the one Paula likes from the Indian takeaway we go to now and again. While making it Paula asked how to make a Bhatura the crispy hot flat bread we get there. I took a guess and said make a roti and shallow fry it in some oil? She made me some large flat roti, just flour water salt and pepper and I fried them off and the result was excellent. The went really well with the dish and were pretty damn close to the ones we buy

The first time Bhatura

The first time Bhatura


Stuff It!

20140414_190038 20140414_190141Chicken being one of the cheaper proteins it seems we eat a fair bit of it. If you don’t use a little imagination it can become a bit pedestrian. There are 1000s of ways to cook chicken and one way I really like (any opportunity to stuff something) is Roulade. Also called a Ballotine they are easy to make and offer endless variety. Just beat out your fillet between clingwrap then roll with filling inside and tie ends of wrap to contain. Poach slowly in hot water at 60C for 40 minutes or so then pan sear to caramelise the outside. This one I wrapped in bacon20140414_18432320140414_175231 then stuffed with sundried tomato, aged cheddar and spiced pear paste. I served it on Moroccan spiced pumpkin mash with steamed brocolini and potato twirls.

Takeaway need not be Taboo

20140313_180818Not being a big fan of most types of takeaway but still having the issue of being time poor with work and the like I try to find better options than sad and unhealthy takeaway. When we house sat in another part of town recently and were pressed for time one night we decided to get takeaway. We went to a fairly large shopping complex that had a supermarket and about six fast food options. After a quick walk around of the outlets we soon found them all lacking in either choice, quality or basic hygiene in one of them. After a small dummy spit about the state of the world and its takeaway choices I opted to go to the supermarket and get something from there. Easy, I got a cooked chicken from the deli and a prepared salad from the produce section and a nice ripe mango too. Chop the mango, add to salad and carve the chook. Prep time 15minutes including the buying and far better than many takeaway options.