Damn Fine Muffins

20140210_202749 20140210_202714YUM! Paula used my banana cake recipe and made Banana Muffins. They were excellent, nice and baked outside and soft and moist inside. The recipe makes an even dozen muffins this size, a little smaller than a tennis ball.












Dangerous desserts

nov2013_27Paula found out the hard way about hot jam while trying to remove this Louise Cake from the oven. She let the tray slip and tipped steaming hot jam down her leg. Luckily she only got minor burns resulting in some good blisters. As any chef or home cook learns early any sugar based items that get heated can burn you badly.Making toffee for example is right up there with bomb disarming onĀ  the danger list. The Louise cake however was excellent right up there with the ones mum used to make. For anyone that doesn’t know it as Louise cake think raspberry coconut slice with a meringue top ( not usually broken like this)

Welcome Back Cup Cakes

july2013_23 july2013_17july2013_14 Welcome back. Its been a while since my last post. We started a new business and have been flat out setting that in motion. Well more slowing it down a little, it has been mad and self feeding and a little chaotic but we have it under control now…So back to the food. I have still been cooking although less inventively sometimes and have remembered to get some photos. These are some of Paulas cup cakes. The white iced ones are full of chopped cherries and the pink are full of choc chips.