Dromedary Delight

20141206_194552 20141206_194625 Best burger in…forever. We had just shopped and bought a pack of fresh Camel burgers. They are fantastic, much like beef but even tastier. This burger had camel, onion, bacon, pineapple rings, tomato, coz lettuce, Swiss cheese and avocado mayonnaise. Toasty bun steak sauce and you are done.

Pork Fillet, Caramalised Pineapple and Onion Sliders

20140830_190119 - Copy 20140830_190126I bought the buns for this meal just because I liked the look of them. Then I realised I needed to make Sliders with them…what meat? I had a fresh Pork Fillet in the fridge so went with pork medallions. I just pan seared the fillet and then sliced into rounds and I fried off the onion and once it was starting to caramalise I added the shredded fresh pineapple and some balsamic vinegar. Reduce the vinegar by 2/3rds and then rest till cooler. Throw in some nice white cheddar, beetroot, tomato and lettuce and I also added some kewpie mayo and mushroom bbq sauce for good measure.

One Hump or Two

20140821_191906Oops I did it again! I made us Camel Burgers for dinner tonight and true to form I made them so big you need a  Nepalese Sherpa to help eat them. I found huge fresh burger buns at the shops and when I buy the camel burgers they come in a pack of four so…to fit the buns I combined two burgers each and they were monumental. We had been to the produce place that supplies most restaurants in town so had really good quality produce to add to the mountain. Chuck in a slightly runny egg, onions, pineapple, beetroot shredded carrot, some nice white cheddar cheese, some mesclun leaves, tomato, mayo and some mushroom BBQ sauce and you are ready to tie  on your climbing boots and go hard20140821_19192720140821_192120.

The Butcher and the Chippy

20140814_125800 I finally did it… I broke my slightly OCD habit of only eating one item from one menu. We have our favourite fish and chip shop but I had seen their burgers and they looked good, so I had to have one. Today I ordered one of their Steak Works Burgers and I was not disappointed. Not only was it a good burger but it had our butchers award winning bacon in it too. The burger had just the right balance of salad and the good stuff and I will be giving some of their other burgers a run too. N20140814_125808ice Job Siv’s

My Favourite Chippy

20140725_130537While there are no fish in this order, this meal comes from the best fish and chip shop in town. We live on the coast at the marina and there is a fish and chip shop here that advertises that they are pretty good but I think they are a bit average. Our F&C shop is all the way over on the otherside of town at Mt Pleasant…from the ocean to the mountains we trek. Well it’s probably less than 10klms away but well worth the drive. It is called Siv’s Fish and Chips ( see them on facebook) and they have the best chips anywhere. I don’t get fish very often, not because there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just I really like their fish cakes and despite knowing that they are commercially made crumbed sausages that I see all over the place I just can’t help myself I like them. Paula always gets the “Rays” Kabana, kabana sliced thin before cooking so it comes out like crispy meat chips. I have had the battered fish here and enjoyed it but being a Masterbatterer… who cooks a lot of fish and makes the second best batter known to man (bows low to Mr Foo Man Choo, from Main nth road) I am hard to excite when it comes to batter. I would go here just for the chips. They are like Dr Who’s Tardis, they are bigger on the inside. By that I mean they are thinnish and crispy but light and fluffy inside. I would keep my supplier to myself (after they tell me) if I was them. Another factor that brings us back at least once and often more times a week is the cleanliness and quick friendly service. I may even have to break my ‘One item from one menu habit’ and try their burgers. I have seen the battered fish burger and what I reckon was the works burger and they looked pretty damn fine. Nice work guys.

Pulled Pork Slider

20140807_123521I don’t buy coffee much, but when I do it’s from Jamaica Blue coffee shops and in typical foodaphile fashion only from one particular store (the other one in  town is just not quite the same). Today I broke my habit of not getting anything but the thing a really like from a particular place. I do that so I am not disappointed by some ancillary product that spoils my opinion of the place…simple math. Anyway today we ordered the Pulled Pork Slider with Beetroot chips. I would rather had paid $15 for them than $20 but damn they were tasty. The beetroot chips were particularly good and the sliders were pretty good too. The shredded pork, shaved pickled beetroot, greens and aioli wrapped in a little crusty roll were just the change I wanted for lunch. That and a large flat white with 3 and that was me done.

Best Burgers are House Burgers!



 Where do you get the best hamburgers…at home of course! I love a good burger and I am constantly disappointed when I buy them let alone I have trouble finding a proper burger bar at all. There are the so called world burger type places but despite sounding good they often fall prey to the franchise mentality of using the seemingly worst meat and flavour combinations available. I like an old fashioned meat and salad burger, a Works Burger something with the lot. Here we have my house (albeit boat) burger, traditional burger bun, steak sauce, cheese, beef pattie, fried pineapple, egg, beetroot, tomato, mayo and lettuce…everything a burger should be. I have to admit I do make all sorts of burgers including chicken, fish, lamb, pork and they are a bit flash sometimes but I still think you can’t beat a good ole works burger. Paula goes for a slightly more manageable version (see below)