Love Little Buns!

20150122_122429Excellent lunch. These tiny crunchy rolls filled with fresh deli stuff and roast chicken yum!

Snack Attacks

20140401_18325120140401_19355420140401_193612Sometimes, especially in the middle of a tropical summer, cooking a meal is just a hassle or we don’t feel that hungry. That’s when its good to have a repertoire of snacks in the back of your mind. The main pic here is some excess bread rolls  sliced baked to golden then served with freshly made garlic butter, pistachio dukkah and beautiful avocado oil. Dip in oil, smear with garlic butter and slosh around in the dukkah, yum! The muffin type things are bacon, corn and mushroom frittata. Just make an omelette mix and pour into a muffin tray and bake. The last snack is really easy, homemade caramel popcorn. Pop your corn make some caramel pour over…done!















Club Lunch

sept2013_145I used to be indecisive…Now I’m Not sure! We couldn’t decide what to have for lunch so we went for EVERYTHING! We had just shopped and had nice fresh multi-grain bread and heaps of ingredients so we went for Club Sandwiches. The combos include chicken cheese and mayo, mashed boiled egg, tomato and avocado, chicken and avocado and sliced egg, curried egg, cheese chicken and tomato… nom,nom,nom,nom,nom…sept2013_150sept2013_147