More Wintery Goodness

20150625_192240I haven’t done Corned Silverside in ages and the weathers been a bit bleak so I decided to make some wintery goodness. I cooked the beef and carrot in the pressure cooker with all the usual bits and pieces and sauteed some sliced Brussel sprouts and diced cooked cocktail potatoes with butter and plenty of cracked black pepper. I made some nice creamy mash and a bitey sweet mustard sauce…excellent.

Good Ole Steak Sandwich

20150327_19544820150327_195546I haven’t had a steak sandwich in ages. I had some nice scotch fillet in the fridge so decided to make one. The secret to a great steak sandwich is bash your beef. Well tenderise it a little anyway, just a few whacks to break the grain and make it pull apart juicy. Nice toasted grain bread and all the obligatory fillings and its lunch fit for a king.

Curry of the Month

20150228_19165320150228_191721 I had a two week aged curry paste, a Vindaloo paste to be precise so I decided to do a smokin’ hot beef vindaloo. A nice big piece of rump was the beef of choice. I marinated the diced beef in 2/3rds of a cup of malt vinegar and two large heaped tablespoons of the paste all day. I even made some fresh coconut milk from fresh nuts we have onboard. The paste was divine, the two weeks aging in the fridge just makes it so much better. It was certainly hot but you can’t stop eating it so you just have to moderate things by combining the saffron and pea rice, Paula’s excellent bhatura, the cooling mango, apple,cucumber and yoghurt raita with each mouthful of fiery beef.

Beef Topside Roast

20150123_19042120150123_190429 Can’t go past a good Beef Roast! this was an ok Topside. I say ok as most supermarket beef is pretty average here, nothing wrong just not great flavour compared to nice grass feed beef. Like with most meat though, it’s what you do with it that matters. I cook mine in a bowl convection oven which is great for beef as you can get good colour and heat and still have a nice moist piece of roast beef. Forty minutes give or take is plenty and gives a good med. chuck in some good roast veges and you are set. I also had some fresh green beans that I blanched then tossed in a hot pan with some deli bought feta and sundried tomato in marinade.

Slow Braised Beef

20141215_18405420141215_184037 I bought some very nice looking Gravy Beef thinking I might make a casserole or similar. Then I decided to braise the steaks whole. I fried off some onion and garlic in a heavy pan and then chucked in the gravy beef. Sear until brown and then all the good things like stock, seasoning, red wine etc etc. Bring to the boil and then turn down the heat until you have a slow rolling simmer. Simmer for several hours until meat is fall apart tender and the stock has reduced to a sticky sauce. I served it with creamy mash potato and broadbeans.

Best Meal of the Trip

20141004_124935  While it was close…well no it wasn’t. This ,meal was the best of the trip hands down. Paula went with something safe and had the Salt & Pepper Squid but I had to have the Braised Beef Short Rib. That is what Angels taste like I reckon. It was deliciously fall off the bone braised to perfection and the reduced sauce was absolutely fantastic. It was served on potato and kumara mash but the beef and sauce were the stars. The honour of best meal of the trip goes to…Cortado a spot on the foreshore at the end of the main street in Picton, well done guys, well done.

Paulas safe squid

Paulas safe squid

no didn't like that at all

no didn’t like that at all