Leap Of Faith…

20150830_13101320150830_185020Now Baby when you read this think back to when eating this when you said “Yum this meat is really really nice”: The main picture here is all the ingredients that go into my typical curry paste. The reason for the reminder above is, once I made the paste I used it to make us a curry for dinner and darlin, you remember that nice Kangaroo fillet I bought… well, you loved it! I LOVE you! Paula normally doesn’t like kangaroo siting a gamey taste but I had some really nice roo and wanted to try it in a curry sooo. As it turns out we both thought it was pretty good. I served the curried kangaroo, potato, carrot and mushrooms with minted saffron rice and a cucumber, tomato, apple and yoghurt raita. Paula, oblivious to my culinary deception made some excellent bhatura to go with our kangaroo.

The fried off and finished paste.

The fried off and finished paste.


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