Friday is Fish Day

20150225_20210020150225_20203920150225_202054 Contrary to what some people think, currying protein doesn’t necessarily mean you are losing the flavour of the meat or flesh. This beautiful dish of pan seared fish is made with the same New Zealand Blue Cod as  in a recent post featuring a fish curry. While the curry obviously adds it’s own flavours, the fish itself when cooked properly, seals and remains flaky white and moist inside and retains its distinctive and desirable flavour. Pan fried like this in a little good oil like Avocado or even better coconut oil is my favourite way to cook most fish and here I have served it with what I grew up with as “babies veges” cooked mashed mixed veges. I just use what ever veg I have on hand. This is 60/40 pumpkin/potato w/ peas, zucchini, carrot, mushroom and cabbage.


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