Chao Tom for the Adams Family

20141110_19325320141110_19160020141110_15061220141110_150630 Last night we had the pleasure of a visit from the Adams Family. Well we call them the Adams family because the live on an Adams Yacht. They (the Gollings) were on their annual pilgrimage out of the tropics. They are fortunate enough to have a home in Victoria as well as a boat in the tropics. A couple of days prior to their arrival we had seen someone make ‘Chao Tom’ on tv and Paula decided we should make them. We being me, were on a mission as I had never made Chao Tom (prawn on sugar skewers) before. We drove across town to where there are some sugar cane farms and Paula slipped into the field with a large knife and cut us some cane. After finally figuring out how to trim it for the table and pressing the seasoned prawn meat onto the cane skewers I steamed them in my steamer for a few minutes. After that remove from steamer and pan sear to caramalise the outside. I served them on jeweled cous cous with a Fennel and Orange salad. It was an excellent light meal that will certainly be re-visited throughout summer.


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