Cooking for Paula…And the Ladies

_DSC0040 _DSC0041 _DSC0047   Living in the north of the State traveling overseas means a long trip to an international airport and for us recently that meant an 1100 odd kilometre road trip to Brisbane to fly out to New Zealand. Fortunately my sister that lives in Brisbane had gone on a cruise to Fiji days before we got there. Not that I didn’t want to see her, but my two sisters from Christchurch ( our destination ) were house sitting the cruising sisters house in the hinterland near the gold coast and we got to spend a couple of nights and days with them. I decided to cook us a meal so we went shopping. After finding out they hadn’t had gnocchi I went with that. I bought fresh gnocchi ( coz Im smart) and made a Smoked Salmon, Broadbean and Proscuitto dish in a Garlic Cream Reduction. I added some finely sliced veg for goodness and some fresh grated parmesan to  top it all off. We also had Deepfried Crumbed Camenbert for entree and the Deep Fried Ice Cream pictured that is one of Paula’s best desserts.

Paula and the Ladies

Paula and the Ladies



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