Smoked Cod Ceviche

DCIM100GOPRO This dish came about after having made a fish pie a couple of days ago. Last night I looked in the fridge about dinner time and saw the extra piece of smoked cod. I don’t know what made me think raw fish, maybe the fresh home grown lemons we had been given that day (thanks Bill, via Zena). Well Ceviche is not quite raw as the first thing I did was make a curing marinade for the fish. That consisted of lemon and lime juice, finely sliced ginger, a dash of vinegar, S&P and a drizzle of soy. I then sliced nice thin slices of the cod and laid it on a bed of fine sliced cucumber and garnished with thin rounds of radish and some chilli. . Then I spooned the marinade over the fish carefully. The acid in the citrus and vinegar then cures or lightly cooks the fish. Put the plate in the fridge for 5 – 10 mins to cool and cure. When chilled dot each slice of fish with a nice soy and drizzle over some good avocado oil and serve. It is a light tasty dish that can be an entree for two (as we had it) or a great light meal. Easy, healthy and fun to make. Not only that, if the reaction of old Bill they neighbouring sailor I made a small dish for is anything to go by, your friends will be pretty impressed too.DCIM100GOPRO

Bills reward for the lemons

Bills reward for the lemons


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