One Hump or Two

20140821_191906Oops I did it again! I made us Camel Burgers for dinner tonight and true to form I made them so big you need a  Nepalese Sherpa to help eat them. I found huge fresh burger buns at the shops and when I buy the camel burgers they come in a pack of four so…to fit the buns I combined two burgers each and they were monumental. We had been to the produce place that supplies most restaurants in town so had really good quality produce to add to the mountain. Chuck in a slightly runny egg, onions, pineapple, beetroot shredded carrot, some nice white cheddar cheese, some mesclun leaves, tomato, mayo and some mushroom BBQ sauce and you are ready to tie  on your climbing boots and go hard20140821_19192720140821_192120.


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