Kevins Place

20140818_121055 20140818_121404As any followers of this blog will have noticed, I don’t eat out a lot. Well today we tried a place we have been meaning to try for a long time. We went to Kevin’s Place, an asian restaurant. Paula had the Five Spice Calamari and I had the Char Siew Pork Wontons. The Calamari was excellent lightly fried and nice and spicy, the squid was so tender. My Pork dish was also fantastic. The sliced bbqed pork was tasty and the pork dumplings in the delicious clear soup were to die for. There was a sauce over the pork and noodles that was obviously soy based but it was probably the best soy based sauce I have tasted. While the servings were not huge it was a lunch menu and they were very reasonably priced. I’m pretty sure we will venture out one night to give the dinner menu a run too. The lunch menu had a selection of Chinese, Thai and Indonesian dishes and a couple I figure were more Malaysian than anything else.


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