My Favourite Chippy

20140725_130537While there are no fish in this order, this meal comes from the best fish and chip shop in town. We live on the coast at the marina and there is a fish and chip shop here that advertises that they are pretty good but I think they are a bit average. Our F&C shop is all the way over on the otherside of town at Mt Pleasant…from the ocean to the mountains we trek. Well it’s probably less than 10klms away but well worth the drive. It is called Siv’s Fish and Chips ( see them on facebook) and they have the best chips anywhere. I don’t get fish very often, not because there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just I really like their fish cakes and despite knowing that they are commercially made crumbed sausages that I see all over the place I just can’t help myself I like them. Paula always gets the “Rays” Kabana, kabana sliced thin before cooking so it comes out like crispy meat chips. I have had the battered fish here and enjoyed it but being a Masterbatterer… who cooks a lot of fish and makes the second best batter known to man (bows low to Mr Foo Man Choo, from Main nth road) I am hard to excite when it comes to batter. I would go here just for the chips. They are like Dr Who’s Tardis, they are bigger on the inside. By that I mean they are thinnish and crispy but light and fluffy inside. I would keep my supplier to myself (after they tell me) if I was them. Another factor that brings us back at least once and often more times a week is the cleanliness and quick friendly service. I may even have to break my ‘One item from one menu habit’ and try their burgers. I have seen the battered fish burger and what I reckon was the works burger and they looked pretty damn fine. Nice work guys.


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