The Emperor’s Kushi-Age


20140731_191643 Emmmmm Fish Kushi-age. This is one of my favourite Japanese inspired dishes. It is often made with beef but I prefer the fish version, thanks Hideo Dekura for the idea. We went to the fish mongers and found some straight off the boat Red Emperor, one of Australia’s premium eating fish. They grow to mammoth proportions as can be seen below but retain their eating qualities throughout the size range. Lutjanus sebaeThe legal minimum size is 55cm in Qld so they are a large fish whenever you take them. Juvenile red emperor have striking colours with the white parts being pearlescent and the red almost glows, there is a nice table sized coral trout swimming with this little school of emperor (click pic to enlarge). While I cooked the Kushi-age Paula dressed the plate with some blanched carrot, ginger and some broadbeans. Chuck in some limes and soy sauce and go hard. 642_Halsteaddiving_Red Emperor at North Bommie_3



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