Moules Marinieres

20140628_182128  French Sailors Mussels huh? Tasted like mussels in white wine cream sauce to me! Today we started shopping at a new supermarket as the old one just wasn’t performing. One of the many items of value we found were New Zealand green lipped mussels and they were dirt cheap. We paid around ten dollars for all you see here and it was enough to have fed four people easily. I served them on fresh fettucine and the resulting mussely seafood soup was excellent. It’s a really simple recipe, some garlic chopped onion, Italian herbs, white wine cream and salt and pepper and then any variation you choose. I added some sliced chilli and some 1/4rd cherry tomatoes. Fry off the onion and garlic until soft in butter or avocado/olive oil add wine and herbs etc get a rolling boil going then add mussels cover and steam for 5mins then stir cream through, too easy. Pour all of that over your cooked pasta and dig in.20140628_182247


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